Beyond Cloud Computing – New Software-Defined WAN architecture

Beyond Cloud Computing – New Software-Defined WAN architecture

ENEL is approaching a «new way to think the Network» by targeting a new model to guarantee:
– Overall TCO reduction
– Carrier Neutrality at Cloud Exchange point
– Reduced vendor lock-in
– Network agility and full programmability
– Sinergy with current «Cloud Only» program

The aim of the project was to implement a new SD-WAN solution to speed up the ongoing digital transformation of the enterprise processes, products and go-to-market strategies. The adoption of SD-WAN solution pursues the evolution of WAN taking advantage of emerging technologies to achieve fast-growing requirements leveraging on flatter budgets.

SD-WAN can drive several business benefits, such as, cost-effective delivery of business applications, meeting the evolving requirements of the modern branch/remote site, improving branch IT efficiency through automation, enhanced network usage visibility or control/monitor application performance.




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